Gallery: The Volkswagen Microbus through the years

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 After a 56-year production run, Volkswagen is ceasing production of its second most iconic model 


Microbus. Kombi. Transporter. Camper. Whatever the name, the Type 2 is one of the most iconic models ever to be built by Volkswagen. Not only did it open up the possibility for families to hit the open road, the the Type 2 established itself as the poster car for surfers and hippies alike. Since its introduction more than five decades ago, Volkswagen sold 1.5 million copies of the Type 2 in every shape and form — from the iconic mini bus to a crew-cab pickup.

Volkswagen's Sao Bernardo do Campo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was the last factory to produce the Kombi.
PHOTO: Nelson Almeida, AFP/Getty Images

The Brazillian-built Volkswagen Kombi remains true to the iconic original, even to this day.
PHOTO: Nelson Almeida, AFP/Getty Images

A Volkswagen T2 aka kombi or bulli "Hippie Bus" from 173 is on display at a Volkswagen workshop specialised in restoring vintage Transporter vans.
PHOTO: John McDougall, AFP/Getty Images

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